About Payment of Lesson fees


可能你們都知道香港金融管理局推出了一種名為「轉數快」的銀行轉賬付款系統 這個系統是非常容易及便於使用,希望所有學員將來繳付學費時都使用這個系統。


如有任何疑問, 請致電 9045 0908 聯絡我。


如用(FPS)轉數快過數,請於注明欄內寫明自己孩子的名字。    多謝合作!

Dear members,

As some of you may know the HKMA provides a
Bank transactions payment, which is called "Fast Payment System "(FPS).
This system is very easy and convenient to use.

Therefore, I hope all members will use this system for future payments to cover your lesson fees.

Please note that if you want to use this service, you should open an internet Banking service with your bank first.

If you need further details, please contact me at 9045 0908.

Master Kim

When you pay for the lesson fee, through FPS, please remember to type your children's name, so that I could know who paid  for.


Q1. How to enroll?
A1: Fill an enrollment Form from

Q2: When do I have to pay for the lesson fee?
A2: Pay at the training center before starting lesson.

Q3: What is the minimum age to learn Taekwondo?
A3: At the age of 4 and half years old they can start to learn Taekwondo.

Q4: What is the minimum age to learn Hapkido?
A4: At the age of 10 or above they can start to learn Hapkido.

Q5: Can I have a make up class, if I am absent ?
A5: Yes, you can have make up class that follows our timetable for the month.

Q6: Do I have to fix the training center and training hours?
A6: No, It is flexible. You can change training center or hours according to our timetable.

Q7: When do I have to buy a uniform (Do Bok)?
A7: You can train with sportswear in the first lesson and then order the uniform.

Q8: I used to train with another organization and was graded; can I use the same grade (belt) in your organization?
A8: Yes, however, you have to prove with your certificate and demonstrate some techniques.

If group want to join:
Q1: How can our group affiliate (Joining) with your organization?
A1: Your group has to submit:

1. Introduction letter of your leader.
2. Introduction of your Organization.
3. Relevant certificates.
4. Training photos (Video clip will be preferred).
5. Joining fee US$100 (Under any circumstances this joining fee will not be refundable).

Q2/Can we obtain black belt certificates and international certificates from your organization when we are ready?

For further details, please email us at hkhapkido@gmail.com or call at (852) 2569 6229


If you want to apply for your Black/Poom belt Certificate, please fill the below form.


1/ We as members, train our spirit and physique under discipline.

2/ We as members are united in mutual friendship.

3/ We as members, will comply with regulations and respect the Instructors / seniors.


1: 我們願意在體育精神下,鍛練我們的精神體格。

2: 我們願意在體育精神下發展友誼。

3: 我們願意絕對遵守會規及尊敬導師 / 前輩。


Dear Members,

Please note that I have designed a program, in order to search all our members’ grading history.

You now can search your grading & event's history from our website

You need to input as below:
1/ Your membership number 
2/ Date of birth: yyyymmdd
3/ Mobile phone or phone number

If you have any problems, such as membership number, please contact me at 90450908, so that I can send you the number.

Please also remember that this membership number will never be changed.


Master Kim