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Questions & Answers

Q1: How to enroll?
A1: Fill an enrollment Form from

Q2: When do I have to pay for the lesson fee? 
A2: Pay at the training center before starting lesson.

Q3: What is the minimum age to learn Taekwondo?
A3: At the age of 4 and half years old  they  can start to learn Taekwondo.

Q4: What is the minimum age to learn Hapkido?
A4: At the age of 10 or above they  can start to learn Hapkido.

Q5: Can I have a make up class, if I am absent ?
A5: Yes, you can have make up class that follows our timetable for the month.

Q6: Do I have to fix the training center and training hours? 
A6: No, It is flexible. You can change training center or hours according to our timetable.

Q7: When do I have to buy a uniform (Do Bok)?
A7: You can train with sportswear in the first lesson and then order the uniform. 

Q8: I used to train with another organization and was graded; can I use the same grade (belt) in your organization? 
A8: Yes, however, you have to prove with your certificate and demonstrate some techniques.。

If group want to join:

Q1: How can our group affiliate (Joining) with your organization?
A1: Your group has to submit:
1. Introduction letter of your leader.
2. Introduction of your Organization.
3. Relevant certificates.
4. Training photos (Video clip will be preferred).
5. Joining fee US$100 (Under any circumstances this joining fee will not be refundable). 

Q2/Can we obtain black belt certificates and international certificates from your organization when we are ready? 

For further details, please email us at or Call (852) 2569 6229