Reopening Classes:

Dear Parents/ Students,

I hope you and your families are all in good health.

Please note that you *must* install the app
"LeaveHomeSafe" to your mobile phone and scan the appropriate QR code using the app before entering any Sports Centres or register your name & contact phone number. Otherwise, they will not let you enter the Sports Centre.

I also would like to remind you that you should please check our timetable before coming to the Sports Centre to clarify the exact time.

For further details, please visit Taekwondo timetable

I hope to see you in the class.

Please stay safe and take care!

Master Kim
9045 0908

About Payment of Lesson Fees:


可能你們都知道香港金融管理局推出了一種名為「轉數快」的銀行轉賬付款系統 這個系統是非常容易及便於使用,希望所有學員將來繳付學費時都使用這個系統。


如有任何疑問, 請致電 9045 0908 聯絡我。


Dear members,

As some of you may know the HKMA provides a
Bank transactions payment, which is called "Fast Payment System "(FPS).
This system is very easy and convenient to use.

Therefore, I hope all members will use this system for future payments to cover your lesson fees.

Please note that if you want to use this service, you should open an internet Banking service with your bank first.

If you need further details, please contact me at 9045 0908.

Master Kim