Our Hong Kong Hapkido Federation (HHF) was established in 1983 by Grand Master Kim Jong Ho, who is Korean and affiliated with the Korea Hapkido Federation.

The Korea Hapkido Federation (KHF) is the largest traditional Hapkido Organization recognized in Korea as well as in the world. Our Hong Kong Hapkido Federation is a uniquely appointed branch of the Korea Hapkido Federation of Hong Kong, which is in charge of Hapkido affairs in the Hong Kong region.

Our Chairman and Chief Instructor is holding a 7th Dan Black belt, and Master certificates.

Furthermore, all passed examinees are eligible to obtain the Korea Hapkido Federation (KHF) certificates which are internationally recognized.

If anyone is interested in promoting Hapkido and becoming our member, we welcome you to join us.

For further details please contact us at (852) 2569 6229 or hkhapkido@gmail.com


KOREAN Hapkido is a traditional Korean self-defensive martial art. It consists of kicking, striking, blocking and throwing techniques as well as joint locks and pressure point techniques. Weapons such as the knife, stick, sword, cane and the rope are used in the advanced levels of Hapkido. 

Furthermore, many people think that the Korean Hapkido and Japanese Hapkido is same type of martial arts, but they are not. The main difference is that the Korean Hapkido includes both hand and kicking techniques, while the Japanese Hapkido only has hand techniques.

Therefore, I would say that the Korean Hapkido is much more practical than the Japanese Hapkido.